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The ethnographic museum /being built since 1973/ involves 65 objects from particular areas of the region of Moravian Slovakia (Slovacko). You can see traditional buildings from Moravske Kopanice, Luhacovicke Zalesi and Hornacko, technical water constructions, vineyards, and a section of meadow farming. The open-air museum is artificially made in the way responding to the original look of Slovacko. A large range of cultural events/see the list/ is arranged during all the year. The entering object of the Museum is a former brewery from 1612. Jan Fridrich from Zerotin had this house built. Beer was still brewed here in 1874. Nowadays, it houses a stylish restaurant and selling exposition of traditional products.

Skanzen Strážnice


The Straznice Museum
The ethnographic exposition of history, culture, nature and folklore of the region of Straznice consists of such artifacts like archeological findings, taxidermies of rare animals and pieces of old stylish furniture. In the museum, an exhibition and sale of the products of contemporary traditional artists from this region is placed is placed. Almost each month thematic exhibitions of some specific cultural, historical or natural topics are arranged on the ground floor. Information center /see the front page of the map/ is open in summer

Muzeum Strážnice


The Civic society INEX-SDA White Carpathians keeps a small museum on the village square in Tvarozna Lhota. In addition, the other activities it supports are protection and advertising of these rare trees. In addition to the exposition devoted to oskoruse trees, there is also competitive exposition of photos called „the most beautiful service-trees”. The visitors can choose „the Oskoruse Queen“ every year. The museum offers informational and promotional materials about the tree and sells its products and plants. It also provides information for tourists and products of local producers from Straznicko /see front page/.Excursions along the educational path with tasting are available for groups of 10 or more /phone: 00420 518 337 707, 00420  724 162 265 or bkarpaty@c-box.cz/

Plody oskeruše


This touristic district lies under the Travicna view-tower. There is a small museum of buildings from the Kopanice area, folds, ecological educational path with 7 sittings, exposition of 23 original woody species from the White Carpathians and sport atractions for children and adults like bridges, wire rope ways, ropes, mountaineering trees etc. There is also a natural ampitheatre, a camp for tents and Indian tents. Pastures for ship, goats and horses are all around. Horse rides are available


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