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In the 1930s, a project of irrigation canal was worked out because of impassability of the Morava river /water in the river often declined and consequently did the level of underwaBaťův kanálter/.Jan Bata also dreamed about a canal Dunaj-Odra-Labe. In May 1938, a project of building of a smBaťův kanálall canal according to the Dutch model was made. Building started on October 16, 1934 and finished in the autumn 1938 in the section Otrokovice-Rohatec. Proposing depth was 1.50m. This water way along the canal was determined for loading transportation of „lignit“ from the Ratiskovice mines to the power station in Otrokovice. Nowadays, the canal works fully in its lengh of 65km including 13 chambers, a water cable, landing places and a tippler. There are also a couple of boat-houses and the canal is used for mild water tourism. /see front page of the map/.


Tvarozna Lhota

LučinaAddress Obec Tvarožná Lhota, Správa RO Lučina (Management of the Holiday Resort), Post-Code 696 64

Opening period 1.5. - 31.10.

Area 0,5 ha for tents, 0,5 ha for trailers with electrical connections, , 1 ha – bungalows

Parking:  in the camping-place area, immediately beside the bungalows, tents and trailers.

Accommodation 216 beds, 6 additional beds in double, three-bed and four-bed bungalows with basic furnishing (bed, wardrobe, table, chairs, lightning, sockets, refrigerator). Tents directly in the camping-place area possible.

Other equipment: washrooms, showers with warm water, toilets, kitchen with stoves, table-cookers, refrigerating boxes, refrigerators and sinks. It is also possible to hire party games; famous area with mini-golf, bowling, table tennis, volleyball. A grocery’s and refreshment stall are placed within the area.


Swimming pool Strážnice – a playground with Koupaliště Strážnicemini-golf, toboggan; the restaurant with 80 seats and with a terrace including other 80 seats is ready to ensure all catering services. Accommodation in bungalows and rooms in buildings. The total capacity is 288 beds in double and four-bed bungalows and rooms. Sanitary rooms in common with warm water and sufficient capacity.


Swimming pool Petrov – refreshment stall


The Fojtík ´s landing place with boat rental service is located on the Bata-Canal, about 2 km west of the village.
Swimming opportunity – 3 km far from the village – the Mlýnky dam



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