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Uprka´s Path Strážnickým Pomoravím Service-Tree Path Strážnickými vinohrady White-Carpathian Path Around the Radějov

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CykloturistikaThe paths complete the network of tourist paths and bike paths in the region of Strážnice. They make you familiar with the cultural and natural values of this region. On the existing road, they will lead you to locations which are away from the village but which are noteworthy!

They also bring you closer to the sights and locations that have been opened for the public recently: e.g. the holiday centre Sheep-Cot underneath the Travičná hill or the Museum of Brothers Uprka in Kněždub, which presents the life and work of famous artists of the Slovácko region.

You can walk or bike along the paths. The trip around the region of Strážnice can become varied by the cruise on the Bata-Canal or Morava River. In winter, the fans of white trail will come into their own, especially at the foot of the White Carpathians; the skiers can find a ski slope with a lift in Radějov.

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