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Around the village of Radějov (19 km)

Rideability : all the year round

The closed tour passes the entire village of Radějov, the lonely house Mlýnky and its wonderful valley. For example, the village centre in front of the local authority can be a starting point. The path leads us along the left bank of the brook. Behind the last house, we turn to the left and through a farm-track we ascend to the robust service-trees where we joint the yellow tourist marking. We follow the yellow marking just only a bit but the field path points to a forest on the horizon. Along the forest path, we come to the lonely house Mlýnky, an important tourist point. From the Jana guest-house, we set out along an old mill-race upstream the Mandát brook. The comfortable road will change in a path leading us to the Měsíční (Moon) valley. We climb over the pan and enter the game-park accessible for the public. A narrow forest path leads a pilgrim through a magic valley, over large meadows with solitaire oak, through the natural reserve Kútky, around forest ponds to the lonely cottage Pusté. The asphalt road takes us to the valley where we leave the game-park. In some minutes, we reach the motorway between Radějov and Lučina. We take the road to the left and immediately turn to a forest road. It leads us through a valley on the left brook’s bank, past a playground to Radějov.

The bikers can mount past the Štěpničky ski slope to the ridge, to bring the bike into the game-park after 1 km and to continue through the Mandát brook’s valley to Pusté, than to the valley and on the motorway (only a bit) to Radějov. It is possible to manage this entire road (15 km) on a quiet good asphalt road.


The village of Radějov is the south-western entrance gate into the Protected Landscape Area of the White Carpathians.

The previous part of the village is located along the Radějovka brook. Dominating the village is the Pseudo-Roman church of St. Cyril and Methodius. On the Travičná hill, above the village, the look-out tower of the same name rises. On the opposite hill, the Štěpničky ski slope is located. Not far from here, the game-park Radějov begins.

The game-park was founded for intensive breeding of fallow deer. The area of the park is 1565 ha. The natural reserve Kútky with its meadows, solitaire trees and preserves is a part of the game-park.

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