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White-Carpathian Path (14 km)

Rideability : all the year round, May, June (the meadows are blowing)

We begin in Kněždub, behind the church, from where we go up the roaČertoryjed. On the ridge, we turn to the left (red tourist marking) and reach the road-fork (with an oak monument). This location is the entrance gate to the region of Horňácko. We continue along the road and paths, following the red marking, to the Kobyla hill. Then we go down hill to the road-fork called White Well and now we pass a large complex of the Vojšické meadows up the hill called Čertoryje. The green tourist marking leads us back to the Lučina dam.


The value of the White Carpathians consists mainly in their harmonious landscape formed by large blowing meadows and half-natural forests.

OOrchidejn the meadows, more than 20 species of orchids and a plenty of protected plants (iris, lily, sword lily, pasqueflower) grow. A lot of rare insect species, especially butterflies, are related to those plants. The White-Carpathian meadows belong to the largest and richest ones in Central Europe. You can find up to 55 species (!) of high plants on 1 m2 of the meadow.

The forests cover almost 45% of the surface of the protected landscape area, whereby the broadleaved forests with oak, beech and hornbeam prevail (almost 55%)


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