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Service-Tree Path (25 km)

Rideability: all the year round

The path is marked with red inclined stripe and goes from Tvarožná Lhota (from the Service-Tree Museum) to the Atilla Club above the village and then to a group of gardens where we turn to the right to get to a meadow. We pass the protected Špiruda´s service-Strom oskerušetree and reach the motorway to Lučina. We leave this motorway immediately and go to the look-out tower of Travičná. Here we can decide – we make a small tour through a forest and meadows with three big service-trees and reach Tvarožná Lhota; or we go down the hill passing the wooden statues of Carpathians creatures and meet the blue-marked tourist path. When we come to the information centre in Radějov, we follow the blue-marked tourist path going up to the forest where we can find a spring, and we continue on a path through high forest to the cross-roads with a yellow-marked path. Now, we have to follow the yellow path, we leave the forest and we can enjoy wonderful view of the landscape. Following the yellow-marked path, we go below the Žerotín hill and we can see a lot of robust service-trees among the vineyards. We go up hill, following always the yellow-markedPlody oskeruše path, among vineyards. On the Žerotín hill, we can relax at a chapel and then continue to the asphalt bike path, which leads us back to Radějov. When we take the field-path beginning at the church, we go over a hill and come back to Tvarožná Lhota.


This path is divided into two circles – 3 and 7 km. On the way, we can see wonderful service-trees. Service-tree is a robust and very decorative tree, growing mostly in south-eastern Europe. It does not create coherent stands, but it is spread in light forests. In autumn, it attracts your attention with its colourful leaves and fruits. More information about this tree you can get in the service-tree museum with an information centre. Here you can also buy some products.

You can visit the holiday area of the sheep-cot with some timbered buildings and original Carpathian timber species. You can become acquainted with old handicrafts, ecology or sports in nature. The serviceberry harvest festival takes place at the end of September within the sheep-cot area.

Another interesting place is the Travičná hill (379 m n. m.) with a look-out tower and exhibitions about the Protected Landscape Area of the White Carpathians. From the height of 35 m above ground, you can see not only the service-tree tops, but also the hills of Pálava, Chřiby and Beskids.


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