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Path through the nature park called Strážnické Pomoraví (10 km)

Rideability: spring months

We begin in Strážnice. We set out for the landing place on the Bata-Canal (opposite the Open-Air Museum of the Village of South-eastern Moravia). From here, we take the left bank of the Bata-Canal and go to a small bridge (1 km), then to Petrov along the bike path No. 47. AfteBaťův kanálr 3 km (the place is marked with a board), we can find an information board about flood-plain forest. At the forest road-fork (after 0, 5 km from the board), we turn to the left to Petrov.

(The field road at the road-fork can lead you to the meanders of the Morava River).

In front of a small bridge over the Bata-Canal, we turn to the left and return to Strážnice. We can visit, however, the landing place in Petrov or the local complex of famous wine cellars Plže – the Historical reserve of folk architecture

Caution: If you set out on the trip in spring, be silent and do not enter the gravel banks, which accommodate nests of birds at that time.
Meandry řeky Moravy
The nature park Strážnické Pomoraví with its meandering bed of the Morava River belongs to unique natural sight. It is one of the last parts of the river, which has not been straightened by civil reconstruction.

The area offers good conditions especially for birds (about 238 species, e.g. white stork, grey heron or curlew). The holes in the banks prove the presence of European beaver that has expanded to the Morava tributaries recently.

Because of the nature safeguarding, the area has been declared for the natural park and bird area Bzenecká Doubrava - Strážnické Pomoraví.

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