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Uprka´s Path (26 km)

The starting point is the town of Strážnice. The route begins at the museum and then we follow the red marking in direction of Tvarožná Lhota. We pass the Důbrava manor where Antoš Frolka lived. From Tvarožná Lhota we go along the motorway to KMuzeum bratří Uprkůněždub (Museum of Brothers Uprka, Pantheon of Moravian Slovakia). From Kněždub, we ride a bike along the motorway to Hroznová Lhota (Benedík´s earthenware, Pavlica´s manufacture of thatches)
We can also visit the village of Tasov and the house No. 52 with a porch (landmark).

The tour to the Radošov hill: from Hroznová Lhota along a field path (blue tourist marking) up hills. The hill offers wonderful sight of the landscape along the Morava River. Then we go down hills among vineyards (the entrance prohibited during vintage) to a chapel and back to the village.

From Hroznová Lhota we go on to Kozojídky (the house of painter K. Benedík) and then through Žeraviny on a panel road to Kněždub. We pass Tvarožná Lhota and return to Strážnice.


In Kněždub, Joža Uprka, the most famous painter of the Slovácko region, was born in 1861.
His works mirrored his native land with all its habits, traditions, festivals and everyday life of local people. He admired the beauty of folk costumes.

Uprka bought a small house in Hroznová Lhota as a studio. Later, he reconstructed it to a villa according to the design of architect Dušan Jurkovič. Besides many interesting people who used to meet here, the famous French sculptor August Rodin visited Hroznová Lhota in spring 1902.Muzeum bratří Uprků
Joža Uprka died in Hroznová Lhota in 1940 and he is buried at the Pantheon of Moravian- Slovakia ( Slovácko region) in his native Kněždub.

The native house of Joža Uprka was reconstructed in 2004 and the Museum of Brothers Uprka was opened here.

Sculptor František Úprka (1868 - 1929), Joža´s younger brother, studied modelling in Prague. He was also known as an excellent singer and dancer.

Another local painter was Antoš Frolka (1877 - 1935), first the pupil of Joža Uprka, who studied graphic art in Munich and Vienna later. Frolka´s paintings have high artistic and documenting value. His family lived in Tasov and at the Dúbrava manor between Tvarožná Lhota and Strážnice.

Thatch-maker and ceramist

In Hroznová Lhota, František Pavlica manufactures thatched roofing. With his straw thatches, he covers the roofs mainly in the open-air museums or on small garden buildings. Beside this handicraft, he is a painter. We can visit also the ceramic workshop of Josef Benedík who follows the traditions of local decorated ceramics but uses modern patterns and shapes.


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