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The town is mentioned as early as in 1086 as a rich marketplace guarded by a water castle. The town was surrounded by a fortification from which just the Veselská and Skalická Gates have remained. On the location of the former castle, a chateau with its large informal park and a valuable plane-tree alley extend now. Features are the large area of Piarists´ buildings with the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Church of St. Martin and the Chapel of St. Rocher. The Jewish Cemetery and the Synagogue substantiate the important Jewish community. The Museum of South-Eastern Moravia offers exhibitions on folk architecture from all over the region of Slovácko (Moravian Slovakia).

The town is located in the Down Moravian Dale 177 m above sea level. An interesting natural area is the Morava River with its broken-down banks. The promontories of the White Carpathians reach the southeastern part of the Strážnice area.
The town is famous for the annual folklore festivals. Another tourist sight is the Bata-Canal landing place and the boat rental service. Strážnice is a town with rich traditions and live folklore but it also offers a lot of opportunities for hiking and cycling.

Annually held events:
  • 1 May - May-pole Rising
  • beginning of March – Tasting of slivovitz, Josef’s wine exhibition
  • end of May .- The Children’s Folklore Festival
  • end of June – The International Folklore Festival
  • beginning of July – The Festival of the Sun, country music
  • mid-August – The Virgin Mary’s Pilgrimage
  • end of August – Vineyard Closing on the Žerotín Hill
  • beginning of September – The Vintage Festival
  • mid-November – St. Martin’s Feast
  • beginning of December – Christmas in the Open-Air Museum

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