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The village of Kněždub (185 m above sea level) has 1100 inhabitants; It is located among orchards, fields and vineyards at the foot of the Šumárník Hill (398 m above sea level).
The village was probably founded by the monastery of Velehrad in 1264. It is located aboutKostel v Kněždubě 5 km far from the town of Strážnice and about 10 km far from the town of Veselí nad Moravou. Dominating the village is the Pseudo-Gothic church of St. John the Baptist from 1898. Its unusually modern interior was painted by Vojmír Vokolek. Some picturesque buildings of folk architecture have been safeguarded in the village.
The local regional artists – the painters Joža Úprka and Antoš Frolka as well as Joža´s brother Franta, the sculptor, were inspired with the beauty of local folk costumes. All the aforementioned famous natives are in peace at the local cemetery called "Slovácký Slavín - Pantheon of Moravian-Slovakia".

Annually held events:
  • end of March – wine tasting

  • beginning of May – May country dance

  • end of June – St. John’s Pilgrimage

  • beginning of August – Vineyard closing

  • mid-October – Village Feast in folk costumes

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• Hroznová Lhota • Kněždub • Kozojídky • Petrov • Radějov • Strážnice • Sudoměřice • Tasov • Tvarožná Lhota • Žeraviny •

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