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The entire micro region Straznicko belongs to the Straznice viticulture area, which is the most eastern viticulture locality in Moravia. Among local viticulture villages belong Straznice, Petrov, Sudomerice, Tvarozna Lhota, Knezdub, HHrozenroznova Lhota and Kozojidky. Straznice viticulture path with sittings and info boards in the particular villages runs through them. This path goes on to Veseli nad Moravou and then to Blatnice. Vineyards of Straznicko are mainly on the southern uphill of the White Carpathians, which influence them in the geological and climatic way. These conditions give the wines their gustative richness and extractives. Among white kinds belong predominantly Muller Thurgau, Pint Gris and Blank, Green Veltliner, Welshriesling and Rhine Riesling, Green Sylvaner. Among blue kinds belong Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent, , Blue Portuguese and Andre. The specific kind Frastak belongs to historic kinds. Excursions in wine cellars and vineyards are available for groups of 10 and more. /phone: 518 337 707, 724 162 265, or bkarpaty@c-box.cz


The wine-growing right was given to Straznice by Petr Kravar in 1417. In 1611, it was confirmed and enlarged by Jan Friedrich from Vinohrady ve StrážniciZerotin. The biggest boom of viticulture was noted at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. Noblemen of Zerotin owned the dominion at that time. The near hill on the uphills of the White Carpatians brings their name – Zerotin. The best vineyards used to be just here on this hill. Nowadays, the wines of a high quality are also produced there. Straznice viticultural firms as e.g. VITIS spl.s.r.o., VINO BOTU, VINO-VIN Morava, s.r.o., ZEROTIN a.s. and a large range of local wine-makers contribute to good reputation of Straznice wines. You can taste their wines /see the front page of the map/. Each year in August, the celebration „Closing the Vineyards - Zarazani hory“ takes place in Straznice. It is a historical tradition of closing the vineyards with accompanying program. In September, you can visit the „Straznice Vintage Festival“. There you can taste favourite stum and Straznice wines of a high quality


Another remarkable viticulture village is certainly Petrov /3km south from Straznice/ known due to its viticulture district – Plze. The local wine cellars are already mentioned in the 15th century and later in the 16th and 17th Sklepy Plžecentury. There are more than 80 buidings in the district. The cellar fronts with their architectural elements of Baroque shapes attract the highest attention. White lime front walls with blue decoration and one or two-wing doors made of oak wood augment estetical experience. One of the biggest cellars is 30m long, 5.5m wide and 3m high. In 1983, Plze was declared the Monumental Preserve of Folk Architecture. Visitors of Plze can appreciate the quality of wine in many local wine cellars, e.g. at Mr. Klasek, Svoboda and other wine-makers. Everybody will welcome you and offer comfortable seating with a glass of good wine. /phone: :Svoboda 00420 723 738 978/


Sudomerice lies in the southern part of Straznicko and the local vineyards are on the uphills only a couple of meters from the state border. Those are the most southern uphills of the White Carpathians. You can find them 3km behind the village in a locality called Stare hory. Thanks to good climatic and geological conditions, the local wine-makers can be proud of wine of a very high quality, which can be offered to you in their wine cellars in the district of Stary potok. The district is made of a line with 30 wine cellars near the stream and a viticultural district Sudomerice. Sitting and tasting is offered in these cellars,too. /Bucek‘s family-see front page, or other wine-makers/

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