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The region of Straznice attracts a lot of artists and plenty of them were born here. Those significant artists born at the turning point of the 19th and 20th century are painter Joza Uprka /1861-1940/ and sculptor Franta Uprka /1868-1929/.They are buried in so called Slovacky Slavin in the cemetery Knezdub. Well known landscape painter Alois Kalvoda came to Radejov with its school of painting. Painters Antos Frolka /1877-1935/ and Karel Benedik /1923-1997/ lived and worked here in the latter half of the 20th century. Sculptor Leopold Velan/1906-1989/ worked in Hroznova Lhota. Artist Frantisek Cundrla devotes himself to modern landscape painting.

Josef Benedik, ceramist from Hroznova Lhota, keeps art and craft tradition. His production roots in Uprka’s family. Folk art wood carver Frantisek Gajda from StrazniMuzikace also belongs among the great artists. Joch’s family from Straznice keeps the tradition of blue print.

There used to be music groups in each villlage in Straznicko. This tradition, especially cymbal bands, is still alive. First violinist Vitezslav Volavy /1922-1983/ influenced through his work the activities of many newly rising folk bands in all the Republic. Singer Vaclav Harnos from Tvarozna Lhota is also well-known. Since 1946, International Folklore festivals have been arranged each year by the National Institute of Folk Culture.

Folk architecture of a local house with wide gutter-oriented front to the street is really unique. The front used to be decorated with white face and blue bottom. Since the 1930s, these fronts have begun to be decorated with body colored plaster and differently colored frames around the windows. The house entrance was covered with a typical porch. There also used to be ornaments around the doors and windows, mainly in Straznice. This habit has been kept until now. One of the last houses with a porch is in Tasov /NO 52, on village square/.

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