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Straznice :

March - Wine tasting - ČZS Strážnice (Community House Strážničan)
April - The Day of the Earth (Castle Park in Strážnice)
May - Maypole Rising in costumes (Open-Air Museum)
Strážnické vinobraníMay - The Children Folklore Festival – The National Institute of Folk Culture Strážnice (Open-Air Museum)
June - The International Folklore Festival Strážnice – The National Institute of Folk Culture Strážnice (Castle Park and Open-Air Museum)
July - Starobrno Festival SLUNCE (Castle Park)
August - The Virgin Mary´s Wake (the town of Strážnice)
August - Closing the Vineyards – ČZS Strážnice (vineyards Žerotín – at the vineyard-keeper´s cottage)
August - The Forest of Fairy-Tales (Castle Park in Strážnice)
September - Folklore Olympic Games Strážnice 2005 (Open-Air Museum)
September - The Vintage Festival (The town of Strážnice)
September - Autumn in the countryside – The National Institute of Folk Culture Strážnice (Open-Air Museum)
November – St. Martin Feast (Community House Strážničan)
December - Radujme se, veselme se…a pre-Christmas program - The National Institute of Folk Culture Strážnice (Open-air Museum)


May - wine tasting
June - village festival


May – wine exposition
May- folklore festival –SENIORS
July- firemen´s competition
August – the Day of wine -makers


Easter Sunday – spirits tasting
April – lantern march and firework
July – Cyril and Method’s wake
July+August - Saturdays country and bigbeat shows
November – St. Martin’s feast in costumes

Tvarožná Lhota:

February – Carnival in costumes
March – Oskoruse feast
May – May-pole rising
September – festival on water / Lucina/


Easter Sunday – wine tasting
June - St. John´s Feast
October - Feast with the right in costumes

Hroznová Lhota:

February – Carnival
Easter Sunday – wine tasting
October – Feast with the right, fair
December – Living Nativity Scene


July – dance entertainment with bigbeat
September – St. Wenceslas´ Feast


November - St. Elisabeth´s Feast


February – Carnival
March – wine tasting
November – St. Martin’s Feast

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