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Turistické informační centrum Strážnicko
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Since 1993 Straznicke Pomoravi /31 sq km/ has protected fancy mosaic of natural biotops. The original river-basin of the Morava river with its meanders and the rest of its blind branches is really unique. There are flood-plain forests with ash, oak and alder trees and swamp meadows, too. Unwooded sandy garbled heaps around railways are protected. In the park, you can see birds like stork, egret, kingfisher, sand martin, peewit, etc., along the river there live also muskrat, beaver and rarely otter. Uniqueness of this landscape is also demonstrated with appearance of rare species of migrant and vivacious birds like e.g. cormorant, grey goose, kite or sea-eagle.

A bike-path is available in the park. Excursions through this preserved area are available for groups of ten or more people. /phone: 00420 518 337 707, 00420 724 162 265 or Running the meandering river in canoes can bring you deep experience. Fishing license can be ensured /see chapter fishing/.


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