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Tvarožná Lhota

The village is situated about 8 km southeast of Strážnice. Its beginnings date back to 1470. The functionalistic Church of St. Anne from 1933 is dominating this brook street village with a bell-tower in the middle.
The village also administrates the holiday resort area Lučina with a dam and a camping place. Noteworthy is the lookout tower at the altitude 372 m above the village, on the Travičná hill.

Annually held events:
  • February – Shrovetide Carnival in masks

  • beginning of March – Service-Tree Festival

  • 1st May – May-pole Rising

  • end of June – Opening of the Look-out Tower and the Sheep-Cot in Travičná

  • end of July – St. Anna’s Feast in folk costumes

  • beginning of September – Closing of the Look-out Tower and the Sheep-Cot in Travičná

  • beginning of September – Festival on the Water, Lučina

  • end of December – singing at the Christmas crib

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