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Turistické informační centrum Strážnicko
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The village is located 9 km northeast to Strážnice, on the Velička River, 203 m above sea level.
The first written mention about the village comes from 1217 in the Deed pursuant to which the Hungarian King Andreas II gave grave Thomae and his heirs the area of Skalice between the Hungarian and Bohemian Kingdoms.
The house No. 52 with decorated porch and safeguarded layout from the end of the 18th century is an important sightseeing of the village. Noticeable is also the chapel of St. Wenceslas from 1928.
The painter Antoš Frolka (1877 - 1935), the co-temporary or brothers Uprka, and the folk artist Rozka Falešníková (1900 – 1983) lived in the village.
Since 1990, the village has its own local self-government the struggle of which is to create good conditions for the satisfied life of all the inhabitants and to attract the visitors of the village by local cultural and healthy environment.

Annually held events:
  • Beginning of July – Football-tennis tournament

  • end of July – Entertainment with a big-beat music band

  • end of September – St. Wenceslas Feast

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