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 MUZEUMS   MUSEUM OF THE VILLAGE OF SOUTH-EASTERN MORAVIA The ethnographic museum /being built since 1973/ involves 65 objects from particular areas of the region of Moravian Slovakia (Slovacko). You can see traditional buildings from Moravske Kopanice, Luhacovicke Zalesi and Hornacko, technical water constructions, vineyards, and a section of meadow farming. The open-air museum is artificially made in the way responding to the original look of Slovacko. A large range of cultural events/see the list/ is arranged during all the year. The entering object of the Museum is a former brewery from 1612. Jan Fridrich from Zerotin had this house built. Beer was still brewed here in 1874. Nowadays, it houses a stylish restaurant and selling exposition of traditional products.     THE STRAZNICE MUSEUM The Straznice Museum The ethnographic exposition of history, culture, nature and fol..
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